Olive Oil Production at Devon Siding

Devon Siding Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Devon Siding extra virgin olive oil 100ml bottle

Our olives are hand-picked in late May and June by family and friends.

Once picked, the olives are transported to Andrew and Lyn Jamieson's property, Golden Creek Olives, just out of Fish Creek. Here they are pressed and the oil is poured into stainless steel containers.

Once the olive oil is returned to Devon Siding, Chris and Andrea allow the oil to settle before filtering, bottling, capping and labelling it.

Harvest occurs in May/June, with the oil usually available for sale from July. See our stockists page for more details.

Some Jumbo Kalamata and Manzanillo trees are set aside for fresh fruit picking from the public. Grove visits for olive picking, oil tasting and sales are welcome, but only available by appointment.

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